What is "7-on-7"

Commonly referred to as "Passing League" - 7v7 is an off-season necessity for most football players. Organized for "skill" players (WR, DBs, RBs, LBs & QBs) to refine skills & knowledge of how to attack defenses & offenses. 7 Offense (1 QB) v. 7 Defense in a passing-only / 2-hand-touch, competitive football game.

What is "4-Verts"

"4-Verticals" is a premiere local 7-on-7 league for youth and high school teams. The league is for the elite football players looking to sharpen their skills on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball. 


4-Verts Tournament Schedule:

March 24

April 7

April 14

April 21

April 28 – Playoff Tournament

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